Zanchin Group - Mark Henderson

We had issues keeping staff in our call center and we hired CFL to assist. We have enjoyed a great relationship with regular meetings and communication. The results have been great year over year. Thank you CFL....Great job

Grand Touring Automobiles - David Nagami

I have worked with different manufacturers and have hired Mark Major and CFL at each dealership. We have worked together for 23 years plus even when Mark worked at a dealership. I love the fact my customers are followed up every day rain or shine. Proactively booking our customers in for service is the key to our success. His service gives me the guarantee my database is marketed in a professional timely manner. Thanks Mark and Team CFL

JP Kovac - Gyro Group

Customers For Life and the Gyro Group have worked together for 10 plus years. We use them for our variable and fixed side of the business. We have our internal staff for Inbound calls but we use CFL for all our Outbound marketing calls, text messages, and voicecasts. They have helped us meet and surpass sales objectives and have helped our Customer Satisfaction Ratings increase to top levels. The daily feedback from our customers provided by CFL has our retention numbers thru the roof. Thanks CFL Team.

Great Northern Insulation - Matt Mulligan

Our new relationship with Customers For Life turned out great. CFL was mostly automotive related but Mark and myself customized scripts to follow up customer quotes provided by our sales team. We found our sales staff were not reliable in doing the task. We quickly noticed CFL booking jobs for us. We actually had to watch our booking schedules from the influx of business. We also got great feedback why we lost jobs so we could better prepare to obtain the business.


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