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Car dealerships have been the prime focus of Customers For Life Corp.  It was our original business platform.  Dealerships small and large found using our services guaranteed their data would be followed up daily.  The market is very competitive and each dealer needs to work hard to encourage customer loyalty along with strong retention.  This is achieved by CFL consistantly following up dealers clients.  We are able to be perceived as an employee on site with any dealer or any business however car dealers loved the fact their customer did not know a third party company was calling.  We perform several different types of communication with our customers database.

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What We Offer

Call Centre Services

Keeping all outbound calls in the call centre will allow a consistent call each and every time. Often, when dealers are phone-shopped, we obtain different results, despite asking the same question.

Customer Care Seminars

When customers attend seminars, dealerships report increased customer retention (80% or more), increased customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Call Center Agent Training

Outbound caller training Inbound caller training Pre-recorded calls prior to training session Full training center with visual and audio hardware support

Dealer Experience

Servicing the Automotive Industry Since 1994

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