Why choose Customers For Life and not just hire your own Call Agent?

Our customers have in most cases gone down that road and had poor results.  Today cell phones and social media sites are huge distractions not to mention most dealers do not have the staff to monitor the call agents.

How does Customers For Life not have the same challenges with staffing?

Our open concept facility is monitored by an office manager.  Our state of the art phone system monitors the representatives live as well as provides daily reports to show performance.  It is very easy for us to see that a representative is having good or bad trends.

Can Customers For Life listen to calls live or could a customer listen to calls?

Yes and Yes.  Also we can actually speak to the representative on a call and the customer cannot hear us.  Called "Whisper".  We send our calls regularly to our clients for them to listen to

Can Customers For Life call large amounts of data cost effectively?

We have a Voicecast system that our Inhouse staff records very professional and upbeat.  The message can go out at anytime of day 7 days a week.  It is very afordable and results show themselves.

Do you have the abillity to communicate via text message?

We can send large group messages to a database and all responses can be forwarded to an E-mail address.  This process works amazing and is instant feedback with a follow up report of all messages received.

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